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Interior doors

Series of our doors

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All questions about our products, prices and service - call our sales managers:

+7 (495) 795-21-20

E-mail: prinzip@prinzip.ru


Limited Liability Company (LLC) «Prinzip» is specialized  in the production and sale of interior doors in Moscow. We offer high-quality products at an affordable prices both wholesale and retail.

The products are very popular in the construction market. The main reasons for this are high quality and optimal prices of doors. Lots of people buy products wholesale from the manufacturer. It is guarantees the identity of doors. The asoortment includes both cheap products and expensive products of the premium segment and in any case each segment has a perfect quality.

The cost of doors from the manufacturer depends on an amount of the order.  It means that if you buy wholesale, prices are  better. Regular customers receive significant discounts. Delivery is carried in Moscow and all over Moscow region and regions of Russia. As appropriate we will arrange delivery to the CIS countries. 

Manufacturing and selling of interior doors from the producer

In our catalog there is a wide range of doors with different prices and design:

  • Blind 
  • Glazed
  • Paneled
  • Milled and other variants

Each item is accompanied by a high-quality photos and detailed information about the technical characteristics and features of usage.

On the website of the company you can buy a set of interior doors at the price from a manufacturer. For detailed information, any  advice on choosing and buying doors you can contact  a manager. Wholesale order can be arranged by phone or by e-mail.



    • Product line «Bianca». These interior doors from manufacturer were designed for lovers of the classic in a modern implementation.
    • Product line «Arctic». Milled products are presented in white and ivory colors. These models can be suitable for any interior. Doors can supplement different styles due to smooth forms and refined details of fusing that were applied to the frosted glass.
    • Product line «Provence». Manufacture of interior doors in this line is based on the use of soft colors. They perfectly fit into any interior.
    • Product line «Elegance». Doors will be in a harmony with a business- style due to strict ornament on a frosted glass and not very bright shine of the polished surface of the veneer, and also due to lines that placed orthogonally.
    • Product line «Optim». Manufacture of these interior doors is based on the idea of minimalism. It is expressed in strict geometrical forms. This line is presented with several models:«Uno», «Treno», «Zeta» and «Quinta».
    • Product line «Scandium». In Moscow, as a rule, constructions like these prefer people with a restrained taste. Practicality, functionality, strictness – are basic ideas that inspired the designers to create this collection.
    • Product line «Principianо». Presentable models were created for luxury interiors. Interior doors from manufacturer are characterized by exact lines and models that were created in accordance with the best traditions of the Italian School of Design. Exactly for  this collection was designed telescopic planed. 

    • Product line «Art-line». Lovers of non-standard solutions in the interior often buy this type of doors wholesale. Exclusive design of doors can help to create a special atmosphere in the room. 

    • Product line «Gamma». Despite the mass production of cheaper models, their creation is based on the use of individual design ideas.The original shades of this linewill create a fresh look at the interior.

    • Product line «Scandi Lux». Laconism and refinement – these two features underline models of this collection in interior. In the production of interior doors "Lux" are used exclusive color scores and environmentally safe materials. Doorshave  3D-structure that mimics the natural wood.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Economy segment                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
    • Laminated smooth. Assortment is presented with popular models in different shades. Only accurate geometric shapes, straight lines, restrictions and simplicity can distinguish these fabrics.
    • Laminated paneled. Manufacturing of interior doors from this collection is based on the classic concept. It means, that people who appreciate warmth and comfort will fall in love with this collection.
    • Product line «Point».This collection was created for connoisseurs of classic solutions. Doors have a unique charm due to the use of structured covering and original shades.
    • Masonite. The models are designed in the classical style, distinguished by elegant design and functionality. These constructions are demanded by major developers and building companies.

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